Saturday, September 16, 2006

One of THOSE Saturdays

So, it's been one of those kind of Saturdays. One of those weekend days when all the routines go to hell, when the children watch way too much Noggin and don't get dressed until after noon. At least they're dressed. Me, I'm still in the white t-shirt I slept in, and the only reason I changed out of the pj bottoms was because it got too hot. God, I hate these kind of days. I feel grimy and grubby, distracted and dazed.

It's all the blogs fault. It's taking most of my attention today, as me and the hubby work on making it look somewhat unique and presentable. I picked my color scheme (I know that the aqua and red is trendy right now, but I'm a high-contrast kind of girl, and I rilly, rilly like it.) Picked out the font for the header -- spent over an hour combing the web for a free retro font. I already have Font Diner's Sparkly on my web site and wanted something more elegant, and less "pink-elephant-martini." Besides, I see that font everywhere now, so it's hardly as unique as it was four years ago. Anyway, in the end I surprised myself and chose a standard Word font. You'll see. Give the hubby a couple of days.

In the meantime...the poor ragamuffin children need to be fed and washed and paid some attention to. And me, well maybe I'll even brush my teeth before it's all over.


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