Thursday, August 09, 2007

Home (And How)

We're home. (Thank you Genevieve, for the good trip wishes, and for checking in on me.) My goodness, what an adventure. It's been about a full week since we returned, and we're almost, almost back to normal around here. I was so intent on having a clean house to return to, but in the end, I'm not sure my efforts made much of a difference, once our suitcases exploded forth their musty vacation clothes and all myriad of just....crap that seemed to stow away back home with us. (Not even souvenirs...just crap.)

Above is a shot from our first evening in our hotel room, from the balcony. We booked an ocean view room, but were upgraded to ocean front, instead. Nice!
Another shot from the balcony, of kayaks scooting past
Another day, another gorgeous sunset.
Here's a shot of me, the night we all shared expensive personal pizzas for dinner in the open-air hotel lounge. This is about as relaxed as I felt and looked the entire trip (not counting the massage in the spa, which was a lovely treat, but all too soon forgotten). Note the full-sized margarita in hand.

Why so tense in the land of paradise, you may ask? Why couldn't I feel more relaxed on the vacation to commemorate my tenth wedding anniversary?

I present:

These two.
Monkey One and Monkey Two, we call them, although I think that the sounds they make as they spin and spiral through the world are technically closer to that of chimps. Wild chimps. On acid. Wild chimps on acid who needed to be corralled and sprayed down with SPF 50 each time we entered water and sunshine, in that land of endless water and sunshine. If you're not a mom, or a parent, I probably sound like very whiny, spoiled woman right about now, daring to bitch about a TRIP. For a WEEK. To HAWAII. But, if you are a mom --- well, 'nuff said. It was a wonderful trip, a challenging trip, a beautiful trip. (Note my reluctance to use the word "vacation," though.)

So, yes. We are home now, and how. Home with a vengeance. I knew that it would be an adjustment, having Lily here full-time now that preschool is over and done with, but, sakes alive -- it's so different, and so much....louder in the house this week. It's been hard to get a thought in edgewise up here in my head. You would think that, being home full time and having access to me on an even more constant basis would tone down her deep and unquenchable lust for my full attention every minute of the day, but That would be

Still. We are home. Kindergarten (only half day around these parts!) is just over a week away. So, one big, Olympic-size adventure under our belts, and one even bigger one, of a different sort, just up around the bend.



Blogger Genevieve Olsen said...

Hi Kelly! I am glad that you are all back safe! I had a good laugh and about your "wild Chimps on acid" because I have two of my own hehe! Our home is very boisterous pretty much all of the time I am way over stimulated eeekkk! Between the kids,dog,cat,fish and playmates there are days I want to run away from home!hehe!When I get stressed I just keep repeating to myself this too shall pass,this too shall pass,this too shal pass!
Good luck with kindergarten and let us know how it is going!

4:06 PM  
Blogger Sothern Charmer said...

Hi Kelly!! It has been a long time coming and we all need great vacations to remind us there how wonderful life truely can be. It has taken me 10 years to finally get my break from this rat-race we call life. The first thing I started doing was looking through my past and I found YOU! Of course you always said I had a unique way of looking at things. That's just because of the simple way I was brought up in the south. Only you could see the true humor in my spelling of my bloggin' name. You remember how "us" southerners like to talk. Glad to see you and Myk still together and with two beautiful children! Haven't done to shabby for yourself. You look just like the same Kelly I remember, and life seems to be grand!!!

10:18 PM  
Blogger Kelly said...

Hi Addeal (at least I assume you're Addeal; you didn't leave your name.)

Thanks for posting, it's great to hear from you. Hope things are going well with you -- what has happened lately to give you that break you refer to? Hope you come back & maybe link to your new blog, or leave an e-mail addy. I'd love to hear more about what you've been up to all these years since we last spoke. Take care! Kelly

4:42 PM  

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