Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hoppy Spring

When I found out earlier this week that I'd snagged the "hosting Easter for the extended family" duties this year, I hightailed it over to Target to get these adorable plates & napkins before they sold out. In fact, now that I reflect on it, I think the chance to buy & display these cuties was maybe the chief motivating factor in volunteering to host. Yes, I could've bought them "just because" when I first saw them a while back, but I get weird & cheap sometimes. Especially when my Target basket is already filling up fast with those necessary packs of diapers and wipes and toilet paper, etc.

Anyway. I LOVE these bright colors, and the over-the-top cute graphics of all the fuzzy little animals. I couldn't resist, at the dollar bins at the front of the store, the cute little erasers either. So now Lily's preschool class will get treated with erasers at her Easter party in a couple weeks (and whatever else I can manage to scrape together to put into the treat bags....I'm thinking....pencils?)

On the receipt, I noticed that these were listed as "Fiona tablewear," so when doing the web search to grab these images, I continued my search and discovered that all this eye-popping loveliness was designed by English graphic artist Fiona Hewitt. I've seen her work before at boutiques that sell her line of "Miso Pretty" bath products with the pretty Asian graphics. This is why I love to go shopping at Target: because amid the toothpaste, diapers and snack foods, there's always the fun of discovering some cool, modern or just plain purty designs to fluff the nest with. There are a lot more items in this collection not featured on the Target web little 3-D place card figurines, candles, wooden nesting eggs and big tin buckets. I'm thinking one of the buckets, filled with a cluster of silk blue hydrangeas & yellow daffodils, will be a great centerpiece for the Easter buffet table. Eventually I'll get around to actually planning what my dear family will actually eat at this Easter shindig, but for now...I've got my plates.

Happy Spring to you....



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