Friday, February 16, 2007

A Very Vintage Valentine... you. Yes, I know it's belated. That's just how things go around here these days. But I loved these Vintage Valentines a whole lot, so I had to share. Lily (okay, I) punched them out and we gave them to her playgroup friends earlier this week. (Although now that I look at this cover a little more, it seems a bit creepy to me, with Howdy Doody boy coming after Miss Apple Cheeks with those extra-long shears.)

Some parents force their tastes and attitudes on their kids by making them wear "Punk Rocker" baby onesies or Sex Pistols t-shirts. Me, I just make Lily give out retro Valentines. Cute, cute. As in, I wish I could tape one to my forehead-cute, if I could only pick which one.

We have quite a few left over. Maybe I'll save them and be on the ball enough to send them out next year. Ha! Good one. So instead, here are my Valentines to you out there in blogger-land. Along with my sincere wishes for love and sweet dreams and cherry-filled chocolates.

My own real Valentine's date was deferred until tomorrow night -- grandma is watching the kids while we go out to dinner and then here, to see her, my new musical love & obsession. Nearly every morning lately, I wake with one of her songs playing in my head, which is not a bad way at all to greet the day. With any luck I'll write a longer post on the subject very, very soon. Like in a few hours. But if not, you can at least bet that I'll be back with a post-show review.


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