Monday, December 03, 2007

The Party's Over

It's true, guys. I've had it with trying to make a go of this particular little blog. I started out with such big hopes and schemes a little over a year ago. But it was a tough year (again) (enough of that, already!) and I felt the need these days to not be this person, this blogger, struggling to maintain a sense of okay-ness and upbeatness and show that I was rising above the grief and the drama of the previous months.

Ugh. See, there I go again. Something about this blog just does that to me, these days, makes me into a far more mordant and morbid person than I feel myself to be (mostly).

My 2 monkeys will still get plenty of air time over on the new blog, since they do dominate nearly all my energy still, but I also hope to talk more about the books that are dear to me, and books that I'm reading lately and my random and opinionated thoughts on them. Also, I still hope to focus a bit on my nesting tendencies and the fact that I have a long laundry list of decor changes and upgrades to nearly every room in this house. After all, 2008 is destined to finally, finally be the year of Ikea Kitchen Redo. Really.

Thanks to all who've followed me and offered comments, encouragements and hellos here on my first blogging endeavor. I hope to see you (and more often than twice a month, I swear) over on my brand-new blog, The Reading Nest.

Cheers, and happy trails.


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