Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Girls In White Dresses

"....with blue satin sashes..." That's the song that kept playing in my head on Saturday, each time I looked at Lily in her flower girl dress, along with her partner, Megan. How beautiful they were! Lily's blonde curls were amazing to behold, after being professionally tamed and perfected by the bridal hairdresser. Since she's only 4 (four and a half, mom), I wonder if she'll remember much of this day, when she was one of two flower girls at my cousin Michael's wedding? Perhaps it will come back to her as a series of moments, twirling around and around as she did all day in that cloud of white tulle.

My favorite moment was at the reception, right after the bride and groom sat down to eat at their head table, and the DJ put on "A Whole New World," from Disney's Aladdin. Lily jumped up, raced out to the dance floor in her bare feet, and twirled and danced, lost in her own world, blissfully unaware of all the eyes upon her, admiring this child alone under the soft lights. My girl! May she always be so eager to dance barefoot out in the center of the dance floor, partner or not.


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