Monday, October 09, 2006

Creepy Shoe

I did end up at least taking the Halloween stuff out of the garage yesterday. I just didn't really put it up or decorate like I'd hoped. It was all I could manage to unwrap a few things from the box and put them on a shelf until more time and inspiration were available. (It's always so jarring to me to take out the holiday decor and get that feeling of, "didn't I just see you, like, 2 months ago?" Amazing how fast the time flies.) Anyway. I unwrapped this faux-vintage red glitter devil head and his buddy, the orange glitter pumpkin head, and stuck 'em on the living room bookshelf. Later that night, Lily spied the devil head, and in a burst of her own interior design creativity, ran and got her red-glitter shoe, from last year's Dorothy costume. She put it right there next to the Mr. Devil, and asked, "is that a creepy shoe, mommy?" She was quite pleased with herself. Today I was able to get a little bit of decorating accomplished. I'm pretty happy with the way the entryway table turned out.

But back to those red glitter shoes: every time I trip over one of the damn things around the house, or see them in the aisles at Target, I think to myself that it's just not fair, and remember how for every birthday until I was oh, about 29, I'd blow out my candles and wish so hard for a pair of ruby slippers just like Dorothy's in the Wizard of Oz. Even now, my heart sort of stops and flutters when I see those sequined shoes in all their Technicolor glory during one of my umpteenth viewings . Like the shark in Jaws, they're actually a pretty rare sight throughout the movie. You have to wait for those shoes. And it's not like I don't know that these mary-janes with their cheap, glued-on red glitter are a far cry from the stunning originals. Still. I'd have been happy, nay ecstatic, at four years old, if I would have had my very own pair of sparkly red Dorothy shoes to sport around the house and even decorate the bookshelf with, any damn time I pleased. Kids these days! They got it too easy.



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