Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day

Did you? It's hard to tell, living in this very conservative hamlet in the midst of otherwise-liberal SoCal, whether or not all the hype about the populace turning against Bush is true or just, you know, the crazy lefty media trying to brainwash us all into thinking so. Being a die-hard Dem myself, I still felt a little paranoid voting tonight. I was sure a right-winger was standing behind me in the crowded and stuffy polling room, peeking at my choices, and planning to harass me out in the parking lot. After all, this is the town where I was convinced that, if I'd put a Kerry sign on my front lawn two years ago, someone would have egged our house. And I still worry about the hubby, driving in his little rice-burner up the freeway every morning with his "WTF" sticker proudly displayed, amongst all those pickups on steroids with their River Rat and Glamis decals. Ah, Temecula. Someday I'll write a longer and more thoughtful post on my love/hate (or rather, grudging acceptance/general dislike) relationship with my current hometown.

But for now. Yes, I voted today. And didn't accomplish much else. We went to the park, the kids played hard and got dirty like kids should, we came home, they took a bath together, and I made lunch. At the end of the day, the kids were still alive with no missing or broken limbs, so I guess if nothing else, I accomplished my job as a mother, and as an American, too. No wonder I'm pooped.


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